Bathtime Dreams


It’s the season for long, warm, relaxing baths and this box includes all that you need!

Bathtime Dreaming contains:

  • The Lavender House Lavender & Flaxseed Relaxation Eye Pillow
  • Floragy Banana + Coconut Clay Face Mask
  • Oh So Natural Invigorating Bath Salts Tube
  • Cosy Room Candles Moroccan Rose Candle

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The Lavender House Lavender & Flaxseed Relaxation Eye Pillow

Filled with beautifully fragrant and Bedfordshire grown lavender.


Floragy Banana + Coconut Clay Face Mask 60ml

A mineral rich clay face mask ideal for dry, sensitive skin. With banana powder and soothing coconut milk powder, white kaolin clay to draw out impurities and oats for gentle exfoliation.

Usage —
Mix 1 tbs of clay mask with 1 tbs of water in a bowl(use more water for a thinner consistency, or more clay to thicken). Apply to Face in a circular motion, leave for no longer than 10 mins. Rinse with warm water, pat skin dry with a clean towel.

Each bottle yields 6-8 masks.

— Oats — a natural exfoliant to gently buff away dead skin cells.
— Banana powder — perfect for dry skin due to its rich moisturising properties.
— Kaolin clay — white Clay is suitable for all skin types, especially those with dry or sensitive skin. As the clay dries it draws out impurities leaving the skin soft and toned.
— Coconut milk powder — contains high levels of vitamin C soothing the skin and helps to keep moisture in.

If irritation occurs discontinue use.

Floragy Clay Face Mask is vegan, free from SLS, parabens, sulfates and only tested on real people, never animals. Contains no artificial fragrance.

Handmade in Kent.


Oh So Natural  Bath Salt Tube  – Invigorate – Neroli, Grapefruit & Orange Bath Salts. 22g

This Citrusy blend helps to enhance the mood, reset the mind and improve the appearance of the skin by smoothing lines and reducing blemishes.

Himalayan & Epsom salts contain 84 trace minerals, making them an excellent source of minerals for the body. Studies have shown we can absorb more minerals though our skin as opposed to the stomach, so when you take a bath with these, not only will you feel the benefits, your body will thank you too.

Just add a handful to your bath water before getting in and enjoy the fruity aroma as you reenergise and enhance your mood.

22g Tube – Single Use

Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Himayalan Salt, Neroli Essential Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Dried Jasmine and Calendula Flowers


Cosy Room Candles Moroccan Rose Candle

Burn Time: approx. 30hrs, Candle Size: 9cl (using recycled glass): Height 6.5cm, Width 5cm approx

Made in Bedfordshire.


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