Bedfordshire Beeswax Wraps


I was delighted to find these Beeswax wraps being made in the Bedfordshire village where I spent a lot of my childhood!

Sets of 3 wraps, made from beautiful cotton and beeswax.

The perfect way to do one small thing to help the environment.

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An environmentally friendly, re-usable alternative to cling film, made in Renhold, Bedfordshire using beeswax from the maker’s own hives.

Place the wrap around the food or container and, using the heat of your hands, gently warm it to create a seal.

Created from cotton and local beeswax – simple!

There are 3 wraps per set – 1 measuring 20cm x 20 cm, 1 of 25cm x 23cm and 1 of 33cm x 30cm.

Please see picture – we currently have only the 2 sets at the top right of the picture available.