Coffee Lovers Dream


The perfect gift for a style conscious coffee or tea drinker?  Containing:

  • Rebecca Williams Ceramics beautifully simple handmade mug made from a toasted buff stoneware clay,
  • Andalso Designs set of 4 handmade coasters with 2 designs per pack,
  • Pharaohs Gold Fruit and Nut Chocolate
  • all packaged in a re-usable floral gift box.

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Stoneware Mug by Rebecca Williams Ceramics

Each mug shape is cut out by hand and formed into the body of the mug. The seam is left visible where the sides of the mug join, as part of the design. A circular shape is cut and added for the base and a strip of clay is cut, curved and added for the handle.

The process of using slabs of clay to create these mugs results in each mug having an irregular shape (rather than being perfectly circular), which gives each mug it’s own character and unique personality, which adds to its charm.

Each mug is individually crafted so no two are exactly alike and each much takes approximately 3/4 weeks to make from start to finish, including making, drying, bisque firing, glazing and final high firing.

Approximate dimensions:
Diameter: 80mm
Height: 80mm
Dishwasher safe


Andalso Designs Gorgeous sets of 4 coasters with 2 designs per pack, handmade in Bedfordshire.

We have just one set of each design remaining so please state at checkout which you would prefer.


Pharaohs Gold Fruit And Nut Milk Chocolate Bar

Pharaoh’s Gold chocolates are handmade from scratch in Bedford using traditional artisan techniques for a distinctive chocolate experience.

They use ethically and sustainably sourced cocoa to create their own unique recipe. This fruit and nut bar contains Roasted Almond pieces and Raisins in Pharaohs Gold™ Milk Chocolate.