Lavender and Flaxseed Relaxation Eye Pillow

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Lavender & Flaxseed Relaxation Eye Pillows from The Lavender House in removable cotton washable covers.

Currently available in 3 beautiful colours – pink patterned, purple patterned and plain purple.

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A perfect blend of 100% cotton, flaxseed and lavender, with a removable washable cover.

Eye pillows are fantastic for all ages and in so many ways. Use at your Yoga class or for relaxation, sleep and headaches. The light pressure on your eyes triggers a reflex that can lower your heart rate and regulate your mood.

The Lavender House was born in the heart of the Bedfordshire countryside from the passion of creating unique items for your home that are stylish, modern and elegant.

Please state at the checkout which colour eye pillow you’d prefer.


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