A Bedfordshire Scented Home


All you need for a beautifully scented home!  Contains:

  • A Natural Grace Scents Small Diffuser,
  • a beautifully scented New Ewe Floral Twist Travel Soap,
  • a Mythyn Botanical Scented Pouch,
  • and is perfectly packaged in a Kraft box topped with a Bedfordshire Box postcard designed by local artist, Tom Rainbow.


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Natural Grace Scents small diffuser  50ml

These fabulously scented room diffusers are perfect for those that want to have a fragranced home all of the time without the flame of a candle.

Made in Ampthill, Bedfordshire.


Mythyn Botanical Scented Pouch

Filled with dried botanicals and mixed with a luxurious blend of essential oils.  Hang them with your clothes or in a cupboard or keep them in drawers to get a delightful scent each time you open it!

Made in Bedfordshire.


New Ewe ‘Floral Twist’ Travel Soap/lavender bag 25g

Traditional Soap with Sheep’s Milk made using 100% natural ingredients.

From Odell, Bedfordshire.


Kraft snap shut box topped with a Bedfordshire Box postcard designed by local artist, Tom Rainbow.


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