Tiny Diffuser


Possibly the most perfect stocking filler!  These tiny diffusers hold 10ml of fragrance oil and can be hung in your car, wardrobe, office, wherever you like!


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These Tiny Diffusers hold 10ml of fragrance oil, with a gorgeous glass pattern and unique wooden lids. All you need to do is turn your diffuser upside down, and the fragrance will soak up into the wooden lid and the scent will radiate through.

Available in 2 fragrances, please state at checkout which you would prefer:


Sweet cherries, raspberry and cassis open this fragrance, leading into notes of orris, raspberry leaf and fig lying on a creamy, coconut base.


Energise is a wonderfully stimulating and refreshing blend of Peppermint, Frankincense and Lemon essential oils that revitalises energy levels during a hectic day.


Made by Fire Nest Candles in Bedford.